Kamis, 01 Maret 2012

Chu Berozu (Uncensored).

· Circle/Author: Fueta Kishi
· Title: Chu Berozu (Uncensored).
· Files: 235.
· Language: English.
· Description: Uncensored version of a previously shared volume. It’s just a collection of Erotic short stories:
01: A boy and his female Classmate in School
02: A temp-worker in a Flower-Shop and his female Boss
03: A boy and his naive bankrupt virgin Relative
04: Continuation of 3: A boy his Relative and her big Sister
05: A college Student and her Teacher
06: A shy Student her Stalker and a couple of Kids
07: A Tomboy and her Friend get Lost while Skiing
08: A Redhead and her Childhood Friend preparing for a Play in the School
09: A Mother and her Son
10: The Big Sister of Chapter 4, getting sucked on her Breasts
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