Kamis, 01 Maret 2012

HHH Triple H (Uncensored)

· Circle/Author: Distance
· Title: HHH Triple H (Uncensored).
· Files: 212.
· Language: English.
· Description: Shigure Takashima is the school princess and is basically a perfect girl from any angle…. on the outside. On the inside she enjoys masturbating after school in the empty classrooms, having wild fantasies on “what would happen if someone where to waltz in the room now”. Little did she knew, that someone was already on that room to begin with.
The guy in question is a freshmen called Kitakomatsu and didn’t meant any harm and is perfectly fine with forgetting everything he saw… But Takashima-senpai didn’t like that idea…
Expect lots of x-rays.
· Download links:
Mirror 3

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